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Honour Board and Life Members

Honour Board  (Who won what, and when)
Year Singles  -  Handicap and Scratch Pairs Pointscores  
  A Grade B Grade C Grade Open NTP Overall Encouragement
2004 Peter Daley Les Barwick Ray Ewan Mal Hobson & Morgan Handley Peter Daley Peter Daley  

Mal Hobson

Terry Manning

Glen Hardwick

Dave Riley & Wal Malcolm tied with

John Wells  & Noel Brennan

 Les Jones  & Peter Daley  (tie)

Terry Manning

2006 Warren Farmer Noel Bradshaw Glen Hardwick Kim Lum & Wal Malcolm Mal Hobson Mal Hobson  


Mal Hobson

Ian  Wall

Jim Anstiss

Mal Hobson & Glen Daley

Peter Daley

Mal Hobson

Laurie Forsyth


Barry Pettit

Greg Lumb

Peter McEwan

Les Barwick & Laurie Forsyth

Peter Daley

Peter Daley

Jim McBeath
2009 Ian Carragher Ken McLoughlin Dave Riley Les Barwick & Yokel McCarthy Les Jones Allan Smith Bill Meredith
2010 Peter Daley Greg South Ken McLoughlin Ian Carragher & Les Jones Ross Spencer Peter Daley Terry Manning
2011 Max McBeath Les Barwick Warren Sydenham Ross Spenser & Les Jones Les Jones Les Jones Kevin Young
2012 Ross Spencer(H)

Ross Spencer(S)

Ross Johnson(H)

Ross Johnson(S)

Bill Meredith(H)

Bill Meredith(S)

Mick Fernley & Allan Smith

Peter Snelling & Mal Hobson (Tie)

Ross Spencer Rick Lalor
2013 Kim Lum(H)

Mick Fernley(S)

Les Jones(H)

Les Jones(S)

Laurie Forsyth(H)

Laurie Forsyth(S)

Ross Spencer & Ken Wilson

Mick Fernley

Mick Fernley Kevin Elliott
2014 Peter Dunn (S&H) Graham Bain (S&H) Ced Marsh (S&H Ross Spencer & Geoff Elliott

Ross Spencer

Ross Spencer Steve Malvern


Graham Bain (H)

Ross Spencer (S)


Dennis Dempsey (S&H) Kevin Elliott (S&H) Geoff Elliott & Steve Malvern

Ross Spencer

Alan Smith Tom Brodrick
2016 Jim Warren (H)

Peter Daley (S)

Ross Johnson (H)

Alan Smith (S)

Rod Allsopp( S&H) Mick Fernley & Geoff Elliott Peter Daley & Ross Spencer (Tie) Mick Fernley Col Woods











             Life Members

2001      Laurie Thomas 2008      Peter Daley
2001      John Fahey 2008      Terry Manning 
2008      Doc Bradshaw


     Mal Hobson
2008      Wally Malcolm